Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Middle Grade Collection

Most librarians have a few ideas for collections that they would do if they only had the space and time. A middle grade collection is one of mine.  The article "Dedicated Middle School Collections in Public Libraries: A New Trend?" in School Library Journal, though, is inspiring me to just go for it.

Space is the biggest issue at my library. It is a small one. There is hope for a new library but that's a few years down the road. I struggle finding the right place for the collection. After reading the SLJ article along with one in Booklist, I need to carve out a space even if not ideal in order to make it easier for young people in 5th to 8th grade to find books. (In my community, the intermediate school is 5th-6th grade and middle school is 7th-8th grade. I'm using that as the basis for my middle grade collection.)

I lied. Time is always a problem! Thankfully, I work with an amazing Technical Services department that is well trained and good at planning. They're supportive of ideas that promote the collections and improve the patron experience.

Do you have a middle grade collection? How do you define middle grade? 4th-6th? 6th - 8th? Is it a thriving collection?

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