Friday, April 21, 2017

YSS Board Meeting Update from February 16, 2017

YSS advocates for professional empowerment, collaboration, and innovation, inclusive and intentional service.
YSS Members Present:  Terry, Emily, Leah, Linda, Sue, Susie, Sarah, Elizabeth, Julie
Old business included discussion of the Board Retreat, YSS programs submitted for WAPL, WLA YSS luncheon speaker, WLA YSS preconference and the formation of a new YSS membership committee.

  • The day long Board Retreat, with exclusive board work time in the morning, followed by a working lunch and then opening the meeting to anyone interested in attending worked well.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the afternoon book share resulted in a great list of books shared earlier this month to the YSS Blog. 
  • Five YSS sponsored programs were submitted to the WAPL conference committee for consideration.
  •  Andrea Davis Pinkney has agreed to be our speaker at the WLA YSS Luncheon for 2017.  The board brainstormed some ways to come up with additional funds to pay for Ms. Pinkney to attend.  (Right now we are about $300 short.) 
  • WLA preconference planning is underway.  Tessa is waiting to hear back from the speakers.  
  • Linda Jerome joined us to talk about the formation and goal of a new membership committee.  The board agreed that some data gathering needed to be done first: who YSS members are, where they are in their careers and identification of the non-YSS members currently working with youth around the state.  Linda and her committee will gather all data by WLA this year.

New business included adding a monthly YSS Blog Post about YSS board happenings and an update from our WLA Representative Sue.

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