Monday, May 29, 2017

Apply for the WLA Leadership Development Institute

Youth librarians are leaders! Want to develop more of your leadership skills. Apply today for the August 9-11, 2017 Leadership Development Institute in Madison. Plumer Lovelace, WLA Executive Director,  writes:

Dear WLA members,

Three years ago the Wisconsin Library Association embarked on a mission to build a new generation of library professionals. Feedback from surveys and conversations with many of you indicated a need for the association to help provide a critical resource.  Today, I am excited to announce the newest addition to the list of professional development opportunities available through your association, the Leadership Development Institute!

The Leadership Development Institute is a highly immersive training program designed specifically for our profession. Based on five overarching leadership competencies, students interact in cohort groups throughout the program schedule. Each day is planned to include real-life applications and problem solving. Instructors are selected from within the library community as well as outside of our profession.

My thanks to the many WLA members who dedicated time, energy and support to create this program. You should all be very proud. 
Click here
 to access the program application.

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