Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Advocating for Audiobooks in Your Summer Reading Program & All Year Round

My experience in libraries suggests that summer is one of the highest circ'ing months for audiobooks in multiple formats. Since June is Audiobook Month, it's also the perfect time to highlight this collection and to connect it to your summer reading program. So the audiobooks go on display.

Then I overhear things like "Why does listening count for summer reading?" or "But audiobooks aren't real books." Questions and statements like these come up around audiobooks all the time. They offer a perfect opportunity to advocate for the many benefits that listening to books provide whether you do it face-to-face or by adding an infographic like this one to your display on "How Audio Promotes Literacy" put out by audiopub.org.
Audiopub.org also offers other resources for librarians and educators on the topics of sound learning and transmedia literacy.

I'll be using some of the booklists from the transmedia literacy page to assist with updating the read-along collection at my library, as well as choosing audiobooks for display this month and all year long.

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