Friday, July 14, 2017

Performer Round Up

Every winter, I start dreaming about SLP and trying to figure out which programs, performers and collaborations will best serve my community.
It always seems a little hit or miss trying new performers out in our libraries.  This year, I am already thinking ahead to who we want next year so we can try to get our favorites when we want them.

Here are a few of our performer wins over the last year or so:

Our best paid event this year was definitely our Foam Fest.  Bob Dekle brought this event after he took it over from Games2U out of the Twin Cities.  Contact  This event was more expensive, but we were able to find a sponsorship and will definitely be repeating it.

Bruce the Bug Guy has always hit that sweet spot between educational, fun and gross!  We are hoping to book him next year.

Bubble Wonders was a live magic/ comedy/ bubble act and drew 200 people last summer for us.  He was engaging and fun and not overly expensive.

Koo Koo Kanga Roo has gotten a little too famous for us to afford, but always put on a super fun show.  I'd say they are best for Kindergarten through Second grade audience members, but parents love the jokes in their show too.  If you can swing it with help from your community or schools, definitely take advantage! 

Who are your favorites from this year or last?  Anyone new on the Wisconsin performer's circuit that we should all know about?

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