Thursday, August 3, 2017

Teens and SLIME

I thought it would be easy.  I had been seeing between 15 and 20 teens at Teen Crafternoon in the early weeks of summer reading, so I figured why not do slime for the upcoming week?  I faithfully gathered my liquid starch (surprisingly difficult to find, I ordered THIS brand from Amazon), giant Elmer's glue, and food coloring.  I prepared plastic cups and spoons for mixing purposes.  I felt ready . . . BUT apparently if you advertise slime-making to teens, they turn out en-mass.  I was quickly overwhelmed with more than 30 attendees attempting to make slime in our very confined programming space.

It was MESSY.  I mean, slime on clothes, slime in hair, slime on the floor, and the WALL levels of messy.  These were TEENS, I thought it would be no problem! I have vastly underestimated the amount of exposure the kids in my community have to craft projects, particularly ones where mess is inevitable.

So, did I spend the next three days attempting to remove slime from office walls, programming space carpeting, and one of my favorite Out of Print shirts?  Yes.

Did the teens enjoy making ridiculously goopy slime?  Yup.

Would I do it again?  You better believe it.

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