Thursday, September 7, 2017

YSS Ballot Candidates: Directors at Large

Check out who is running for YSS Directors at Large!

Claire Parrish:  I want to serve on the YSS Board because I find it to be an invaluable professional resource. The information I have gained from blog posts, webinars, and in-person meetings has educated and validated my decisions as a youth services manager. As a Member-At-Large, I would be dedicated to continuing these excellent services and continuing to adapt in response to state-wide needs. It is also just a super fun group that I enjoy being a part of!
     I will bring the perspective of a young professional and a northwestern located librarian. I think it is important to have leadership of all levels of experience, as well as librarians from across the state to ensure that we can provide the broadest range of support to our fellow librarians. I previously have served as a coordinator for several volunteer student groups, oversaw an 18- person AmeriCorps team, and currently am the immediate supervisor of seven part-time staff. Providing high quality, engaging programming to youth is a huge passion of mine, and I think the perspective I bring from working in a smaller, rural northern library will be valuable to the board and group as a whole.

Two truths and a lie about Claire:
I had a pet cow when I was a kid.
I've been to every continent except Antarctica.
I've never broken a bone.

Emily Sanders:  I am a YSS super fan! I love that when I’m searching for new ideas, support, and community there is a group of like-minded professionals I can turn to. I want to serve on the YSS Board because believe in this community that provides Youth Librarians with opportunities to grow and better serve our communities.  I am more excited than ever about the future of YSS and I want to be on the front lines of all the incredible things to come.  I work in a small library where I do a little bit of everything from desk duty, technical support, and summer reading, but my real passion is working with teens.  It is my mission to provide exciting experiences that redefine the way teens view the library.  I know that getting teens into the library can prove to be a challenge.  It is my hope that by serving on the YSS Board I can be of service to other youth librarians who work with teens.  I think because I work mainly with teens, I have a fresh perspective to bring to the table.  Thank you for considering me for YSS.  I am passionate about the work we do as Youth Librarians.  I believe that what we do matters and feel very lucky to have the support of YSS.

Two truths and lie about Emily:
I once spent two days with LeVar Burton from Reading Rainbow. 
I was the President of the Library Club all four years of high school. 
I got my first library card at the library that I currently work in when I was six years old.

Katherine Schoofs:  Having been a member of YSS—though not in a Board capacity—since first joining WLA in the winter of 2012, I have been consistently impressed with and excited by the various offerings and support the YSS Board provides to Youth Services librarians across the state.  I would relish the opportunity to advocate, innovate, and support all aspects of Youth Services with such a passionate and energetic group of professionals.
     In addition to my passion for and knowledge of Youth Services, I also bring elements of creativity and humor into any and all of my endeavors, both personal and professional.  I have a significant interest in early literacy, in the idea of marrying old and new ideas to create something unique, and in providing high-quality services, regardless of location or social status.  While obtaining my MLIS, I placed special focus on Youth Librarianship in Small or Rural Libraries, and regularly strive to provide my patrons with a wide variety of services, programs, and other offerings while maintaining the budget of a small city library.

Two truths and a lie about Katherine:
I've climbed two pyramids.
Spicy food is my jam.
I played on my high school football team.

Emily Zorea:  For the first 1.5 years I was in Youth Services, I did not know that the YSS section of WLA existed. Once I found out, everything about the way I planned programs, organized collection development, and worked to build greater partnerships in my community changed because I realized I was not alone and there was an established network I could turn to for advice. I would be honored to be an ambassador for YSS and work to connect more librarians to this group so that together we can share the power of our collected ideas and creative problem solving.
     The fact that I am not finished with my second year as a Youth Services Librarian I think is my biggest asset. Everything is still new for me, and I am not afraid to ask questions to my peers because I know that their ideas will make my library's services stronger.  In talking with other librarians at the beginning of their careers, I have heard that there is a need for us to realize our energy makes us valuable to libraries as a whole. I look forward to representing that younger voice in Youth Services.

Two truths and a lie about Emily:
As a sophomore in college, I was a contestant at Miss Wisconsin.
My coworker sitting beside me while I wrote this said that she thinks I am enthusiastic and goal orientated. (No, I did not pay her to say that!) 
I really want a bird and two black labs as pets.

Remember: You can vote for TWO Director's at Large!

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Sarah Cournoyer said...

What amazing candidates! This will be a hard choice to pick just two of them.