Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WLA YSS Sessions in Short: Plan Less, Program More

Subtitled "How to Collaborate with Regional Libraries to Bring Larger Scale Youth Programs to Your Communities," this lively program featured three librarians from nearby small libraries: Rebekah Palmer Osceola; Martha Kaempffer, St. Croix Falls; and Jerissa Koenig, Amery, appropriately dressed in character for the Harry Potter universe. The three shared their planning tips to create a Harry Potter Party at each of the three libraries.  By working together their planning time was radically decreased so more time could be spent on the program itself.

The events were held on different days and times which allowed the three to be at each library's programs. They each had areas of expertise to help with the planning (baking, STEM, etc) so the variety of activities they could offer was broad. After an initial meeting to start the planning, they used Google docs to continue. They shared supplies, activities, food serving equipment and used individual money on the food. 

By pooling their talents, energy, creative ideas and staffing with each other, each library could have an amazing large party. Here is the slidedeck for more info!

Author: Marge Loch-Wouters

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