Monday, January 8, 2018

You Can Do It Too! DIY Bear Cave

Our guest post today is by Mary Jo Erickson, Children's Librarian at the Johnson Public Library in Darlington.

Look what a large box, a supply of paper lunch bags, book packing paper, fabric leaves, pine cones, twigs, fake greenery , tape and a hot glue gun can make!


An awesome Bear Cave!    

I kicked off this unit at our November Family Twilight night.  The children came in pj's and they were ready for activities, stories, songs, and a delicious make and  take treat! 

After you have completed your cave let your imagination go wild!  Add stuffed animals from the library; bear dress-up costumes for the kiddos to wear; a variety of books on hibernation; (Hibernation, Over and Under, Bear Hug, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and  Animals in the Winter).

Encourage the kiddos  to bring in a"stuffed animal" to spend the winter hibernating in the Library Bear Cave.  I made name tags for each stuffed animal that will be spending the winter at the library.  The kiddos wrote the pets name on the name tag and the owner's name.

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