Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Okay, you probably already knew about this terrific-sounding program, but it is worth an extra nudge to get some folks on board. What better way to find out about some of the resources available through BadgerLink to help us with our Summer Library Programs?! Kudos to our new State Youth Services and Special Services Consultant, Tessa Michaelson Schmidt for coming up with this program.
Summer Programming with BadgerLink!
20-30 minute session
May 2 at 9am and 3pm

BadgerLink provides access to
quality online information resources for Wisconsin residents at http://www.badgerlink.net/.

Find video, audio, and other resources in BadgerLink that can
help your “Dream Big, READ!” and “Own the Night” programs be a

Join us for a chance to win! We’ll be giving away 2012 summer
reading t-shirts and books.

Please login early so that we can manage any audio or
technical difficulties that may arise.
Click to join:
9 am session http://ow.ly/a4QSm
3 pm session http://ow.ly/a4R11

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