Thursday, August 9, 2012

Get Up and Go Day

Last week, the Eau Claire Public Library collaborated with Wisconsin PBS to promote physical activity and engagement with the world during Get Up and Go Day.  Of three sites in Wisconsin, Eau Claire was the only library that organized/hosted an event.

 Karate class!
Children's librarians Jill Patchin and Alisha Green rose to the occasion in the peak of Summer Library Program craziness to organize a fabulous event.  Community organizations ranging from the local nature preserve to the Boy Scouts to the local professional baseball team, the local biking club, the YMCA, 4-H, Parks and Recreation, karate, dance and gymnastic studios were all there with activities.  There was a bike rodeo, a bounce house, a pitching station, craft projects and plenty of other excitement.  Wow!  It's hard to count numbers at an event like this, but I heard an estimate of 350 attendees.

 Clifford ears and cape help with a nature game from Beaver Creek

 Bouncy House:  a big draw!
 Testing the speed of pitches with Eau Claire Express

The library got lots of great publicity from PBS--including live coverage! Another bonus:  a Curious George costume (big draw!) and some suggestions for craft projects.  It's possible that PBS will be looking to expand their program beyond Eau Claire, Appleton and Madison.  If they come calling, be ready!  The library made terrific contacts, built amazing goodwill, got great press, and created a whole lot of fun.  Kudos to Jill and Alisha!

   Curious George was mobbed with admirers all morning


Kristin said...

I would love to get contacts for a program like this. When is Get UP and Go Day. Is there a website? FB page? EDUCATE ME!

Anonymous said...

Kristin- I am just seeing this blog posting now. Oops! Anyway, I am one of this event's organizers, and I am more than happy to share information. Email me at

Jill Patchin