Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Go Team that Needs to Change It's Name and Logo!

My hometown baseball team is in the World Series.  There are two things I hope happen: Cubs fans have to wait another year for a title and Cleveland changes it's name and Chief Wahoo logo.  Watching the games, I am hear myself saying why do people think this is okay, why is that fan dressed in Native headdress, why can't we change it.  The Cleveland Indians have been moving away from the logo but the race to the World Series has brought it back and also the opposition to it.

Growing up, I was surrounded by streets named after long gone tribes.  When I moved to Wisconsin for college, there were active tribes.  Native people were no longer in the past tense or an abstract concept.  They were and still are real people.

One reason I was drawn to librarianship was because you encourage people to be curious about the world and seek out information to learn about stuff, places, people like you but also different from you. In the last few years, I have been actively seeking out resources on diversity to better understand my privilege and to better serve and understand all types of children and their families.

Resources I seek out and probably discovered through the YSS blog. Please add ones in the comments.

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