Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Lego Club Challenge Ideas

Lego Clubs are popular programs for all ages. Interactive Lego walls are being added to Teen areas. Lego fits into the upcoming SLP theme "Build a Better World" and integrates well with STEAM programming. Below are a few resources for your Lego programming. If you have others to suggest, please submit them or add them in the comments. Your fellow librarians will appreciate it!

Try these challenges you can print on cardstock:

Printable Lego Challenge Cards

Try a Lego Maze Challenge - with or without robotics

Try any of the 51 different challenges from the Lego Quest Blog

Teen Services Underground posted about Teen Lego Programs in March of 2016

Or a Lego Pop-up Makerspace for Teens

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Karen Wendt said...

We enjoy using LEGO® bricks in programs at Monona Library for school-age children and young teens. In creating posters to publicize our programs, I checked into the Fairplay guidelines. It's something to think about when planning and promoting your programs. I think for the most part, I have decided to make sure to spell it correctly and to use the word correctly, for instance: LEGO®bricks, not legos or Legos. https://www.lego.com/en-us/legal/legal-notice/fair-play