Wednesday, June 13, 2018

$2 Books!

As librarians, we are all about getting more books into kids hands. And, not just books to check out. We regularly send free books home with students as reading prize incentives during the summer reading program, as welcome gifts for children applying for their first library card, and at special library/community events. For the past two years, our library has given away books to kids who came Trick-or-Treating to the library!

Where to get books that kids are interested in, at reasonable prices, can be tricky. is a family owned business in Madison, Wisconsin with many softcover books priced around $2 each. You can order online and they will ship the books to all 50 states very cheaply, or, you can visit their warehouse in person and pick up your books there for free. Here at Brewer Public Library we ordered several hundred dollars worth of board books, Spanish books, and chapter books, and have been very impressed with the quality. They were also very helpful in answering my questions over the phone. Yet one more resource for finding books that kids love while staying within our budgets! Check out their website HERE.

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