Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July Crafts

Happy 4th of July! In the summer we have "Kids Create: All Day Arts and Crafts" where we make craft projects available from 9am-8pm (our library's open hours for the day). Our library's teen volunteers prepared all the supplies needed for us to set these two 4th of July themed crafts out. They were very well received with many kids making more than one! Many kids come into the library only on Thursdays just to make the craft and because they can come anytime during the day, not just at a designated time like many of our programs. Many of these same kids do not have an abundance of craft supplies in their homes, so when they come to the library to make gifts for their family and friends, something that would be difficult without the supplies at home if the library was not providing them. These two crafts were winners for all ages! 

June is over, and we are now in the second month of SRP! Stay strong, library friends! 

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