Tuesday, October 9, 2018

John Green Talks Teens and Mental Illness with CBS News

It's SO important that adults are open about their dealings with mental illness.

Being upfront and willing to talk can truly make a difference in a young person's life, especially if they happen to be coping with similar issues--or, perhaps, just feel alienated and alone.

John Green, YA author extraordinaire and proud Nerdfighter, recently spoke with CBS News about teens, Nerdfighters, and mental illness.

Jon Wertheim: You've said that it's important for young people to be able to see successful, productive adults challenged by mental illness.

John Green: Yeah.

Jon Wertheim: Expand on that.

John Green: Well, I have a really wonderful life. I have a really rich, fulfilling life. I also have a pretty serious chronic mental health problem. And those aren't mutually exclusive. And the truth is that lots of people have chronic mental health problems, and still have good lives.

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