Monday, October 29, 2018

Thanks YSS Team!!

A grateful WLA president thanks my colleagues, peers and dear friends in the Youth Services Section for your tremendous support over the course of this year!

It is a big deal for a YSSer to become President of the Wisconsin Library Association. There are not many of us over the 127 year history of the Association. I am mindful of the honor and of the importance of having, as leader, a youth services person.

Your extra added fun at the amazing fall conference that we just finished lifted me up. The presidency is both a joy and a challenge. Knowing that you all were cheering me on gave me strength and great joy.

I hope all of you reading this dream a big dream of doing this job some day. You can do it. Youth librarians have mad planning skills; facilitation skills; project management skills; decision-making skills; advocacy skills; sharp intellects and an ability to cut through the clutter to find the gems we need to make a great association.  You have a strong YSS support system as well as an association full of peers in small libraries, academic libraries, special libraries and in units big and small who want to get to know you and work with you.

Please consider stepping up as a leader and becoming involved beyond YSS in larger WLA activities, committees and board work (the secretary position on the board will be in the 2019 election). There is always an adventure ahead!

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