Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Let's Read It Again

Many of us love to re-read favorite books. Kids are no exception - as we know. Recently, Chelsey Roos reflected in the ALSC blog on why it's so important for children to feel free to read and re-read books. She shares the benefits of re-reading for children as well as ways we can support s "culture of re-reading" in our library work.

Chelsey writes: "It happened again this week: a caregiver told a young reader to put a book back. “You’ve already read that one,” they said. “Go put that back and find something new.” I’ve heard many well-meaning adults say this to a child in their charge, often once they’re standing at the self-check. And I understand what they’re thinking – they want their little reader to grow by reading something new. But research on reading tells us that rereading is actually great for developing readers. How can we create a rereading culture that subtly (and not-so-subtly) encourages grown-ups to take home that Dog Man for the fortieth time?"

Please stop here to read the post. [Encouraging a Culture of Rereading in Your Library. Roos. Chelsey. ALSC blog. January 23, 2024]

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