Wednesday, April 7, 2010

National Poetry Month

What are you doing for Poetry Month?

  • Try this fun project that Marge and I did: book spine poetry.
  • Put a poem in a pocket: make some paper pockets to hang around the library and tuck poems inside.
  • Enjoy riddles in your rhymes? Print out some Hink Pinks to display.
  • Check out the Favorite Poem Project. If you have a handheld video camera, make your own project and put it on your library's website!

Be sure to leave a comment with the programs you're going to try!


Jen the Youth Services Librarian said...

We cut out words from magazines, and let the teens throughout April create poetry out of the magazine clippings. We had 7 teens participate. It was a walk-in activity that remained in the YA area for the month.

bibliothekarin said...

What cool ideas! I'll have to pass them on to our programming coordinator.