Monday, March 28, 2011

Help Select the 2013 CSLP Theme and 2014 General Concept

From Rhonda Puntney

CSLP has offered states an opportunity to help narrow the suggestions for 2013 themes and the 2014 general concepts sent in by all member states (all but Texas). DLTCL has a survey that librarians can use to vote on their 3 top favorites for children, teen, and adult themes, and a concept for 2014. If you think your librarians would be interested, send them this link. The survey deadline is April 1st, so if they want to vote they have to do it
quickly. Go to

The Wisconsin responses will be compiled and Barb Huntington will take the results with her to the CSLP Annual Meeting, April 5-9. They will form the basis for her votes as the whole organization decides on the themes.

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