Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Write Stuff--Figment

There is an article in this month's edition of School Library Journal about Figment, the free writing platform that allows people to share their writing with others.  There are plenty of ways for teens to interact with this site:  author chats (with luminaries like Ellen Hopkins), posting their own writing, entering contests, commenting on others' work.  Kids who love to write (you know a few, I'm sure) would be very interested in this site--joining a community of writers

In the article, there are suggestions for ways to use the site with a teen group--you might want to launch their own Figment Group (which the librarian can do), which allow teens to share writing with a more select group (each other).  To ensure that all students feel like their work is being read and critiqued, you can assign them to read one another's work--so everyone (even the shy folks) get to receive some comments.  You can post your own writing prompts, lead kids to contests and author chats, and much more.

I think this sounds so fun!  Is anyone using it?  It would be cool to introduce to a homeschooling group, potentially, or a teen advisory group, or just the few kids you know who are always carrying a notebook and jotting things down!

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