Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Library Camp-out - Making Memories

Our guest blogger today is WLA member Terry Ehle, the Youth Services Coordinator from Lester Public Library in Two Rivers (otherwise known as T'rivers in Wisconsin lingo)

After having spent a memorable night sleeping on the library grounds with 32 patrons, I had meant to sit right down and write something for the YSS blog. I had something really profound to say and wanted to share it with you all. After going home and passing out (let’s face it I had just spent the night with 32 patrons on the library grounds!) I had forgotten what I had wanted to share.
But, I do remember thinking who would have guessed in college that a few (ahem) years from now I will be camping at a public library with almost strangers and having a great time? That night we had perfect weather, twinkling stars, gooey S’mores, a crackling fire and patrons willing to sing cheesy campfire songs and play ghost in the graveyard. It was one of those programs that cost no more than $50 and a night sleeping on the ground yet may turn into a memory that is shared many years from now, “Do you remember that time we camped at the library?”
Now that the strain of summer reading program is over, statistics are compiled, decorations down, prizes stored, staff crying in relief that the kids are back in school and quick before the new summer reading program manual arrives, what is your favorite summer memory?

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