Monday, September 17, 2012


I could re-post all day, every day and share the content on the ALSC blog. Today's post is a great program idea on creating a manga convention at the library. What a great idea.

Two years ago, the ALSC blog changed the format of their blog to have many people posting. The blog has been on fire ever since.  It was inspiring enough that YSS followed the lead of ALSC and expanded the people who write for and are administrators for the blog. 

Would you like to part of the YSS blog team?  Or perhaps have a blog post just ready to burst out into print from your brain about a successful program, upcoming event, initiative, collection or service you have tried? Just get in touch with us at the address above or email Marge Loch-Wouters marge (at) lacrosselibrary(dot)org and share the news. It's fun.

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