Monday, March 4, 2013

Freeing Your Programs

Amy over at Show Me Librarian posted about a fun Black History Month program she did. A couple of things caught me about the program:

1. She sourced it from a program she discovered on another blog

2. She noted that naming a program in a way that produces interest is huge

3. Since it was non-fiction based, she didn't shy away from filling the kids with info (and theme food ;->)

4. She had plenty of additional books available for kids to check out

5. The program approached non-fiction discovery with a delightful insouciance

6. Kids had plenty of time to explore, talk and discover in the program

7. The fun twist to the program will make the subject matter memorable for kids

These are all important parts of program recipes that we can offer. Fun, facts and engagement with books and literacy = win!

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