Friday, June 28, 2013

Putting the "Calm" in Common Core

In public libraries we often are involved in new educational initiatives just because our primary clientele - kids - are deep in some type of formal education for thirteen to fourteen of the eighteeen years we serve them.

While we don't need to know how to teach children, we do need to be aware of eductional trends, issues and sea changes to navigate our work with the kids when they leave the achool building and come to our public libraries, parents in tow or in the lead.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is one such new initiative that librarians across the nation are educating themselves on - and believe you me, the teachers and staff are learning at the same time!  It's easy to feel some trepidation.

The ALA Association for Library Service to Children, in an effort to lend a supportive informational hand to public librarians, has gathered a number of resources to help you navigate what CCSS means to YOU. The links help make CCSS understandable, easily managed and a less fearsome phenom for all of us in public libraries. Reading through the articles will help calm your fears and put CCSS in perspective for you.

You got this!  You really do!

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