Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Neil Gaiman pulled from HS Shelves in NM

"Yes It Is"

On the tail end of Banned Books Week and our very own Neil Gaiman is pulled from the shelves of a New Mexico High School.

The parent of a tenth grader was upset about 4 paragraphs in the 386 page book, Neverwhere. So the book has been removed for further review.

That doesn't sit well with Pam Thorp, an English teacher, who is vehemently opposed to what she says amounts to censorship.

"I cannot and will not condone the censorship this parent is promoting," she said. "The implication that we are careless or irresponsible simply is not true. Presenting challenging material of merit that may contain some foul language or mature situations, in a sensitive and academic manner, is part of our responsibility to our students in order to engage them in evaluating the human condition. I take that responsibility very seriously and strive every day to encourage my students to think ... about the world, about their community, about their friends and about themselves. Censorship is the opposite of that."

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