Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thank You!

A huge thank you goes out to all the Youth Services Section members who recently stood for election for board positions.  Whether you won or lost, you were all willing to put your name and energy out there to help our section represent youth services in Wisconsin  - and we thank you for it.

With over 300 members, YSS is the third largest unit in WLA. As such, the board is committed to giving members a real choice in every single election.

Each candidate is a stellar youth librarian who brings passion and commitment to his or her community. And each wants to give back to an organization that nurtures excellence in youth services and stands up for kids library issues on a statewide level.

So join us in thanking our members who answered our call. Whether they won election or not, they believe in keeping YSS a strong and vital organization!
  •  Becky Arenivar
  • Ashley Bieber
  • Betsy Bromley 
  • Terry Ehle
  • Maryann Owen
  • Emily Passey
  • Cassie Payne
  • Jeni Schomber

Image from Pixabay

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