Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Literacy Smackdown

Library As Incubator posted a great piece about a Literacy Smackdown in an Australian library.  A multi-program project that involved 7-17 year olds in building cardboard monsters, robots and cityscapes, ending with an epic battle between the robots (younger kids) and monsters (teens) trying to tear a tissue from each other's costume.  I know, I know, sounds dangerous!  But the post and the longer article that librarian Matt Finch wrote addresses how they managed this with a minimum of actual carnage!  They even inspired quite a bit of writing by inviting monster/robot story submissions. 

Reminds me of some of the inspiration librarians everywhere are gaining from Caine's Arcade (if you haven't seen this video, take a few minutes to watch!)
A different cardboard-inspired event at the Chippewa Falls Public Library

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