Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get Up, Stand Up!

Tonight is the night I present our 2014 Summer Reading Program to the library board, not for approval, but for advocacy.  Don’t get me wrong, our library director is very supportive and consistently sings our praises to the board and keeps them informed of the activities we produce each month BUT... that is not enough for me.

Who is the best person to advocate for youth services?  YOU!  Why? Because who else knows not only what we do but WHY we do it?  Yes, we have story time; yes, we have Lego club; yes, we visited so many preschools this month but why?  Why do we spend so much money during the summer, why should we offer a different reading program for teens, what is the point of all this extra staff time and money?

I can answer those questions and then some. It doesn’t hurt for my director to be reminded either.

So, I take an evening right before summer to visit the board, remind them of who I am and why we do what we do.  Each member is presented with a packet of information.  I also include a summer reading program pin that I encourage them to wear out in the community so when a patron asks, “Where did you get that pin?”  they just might advocate for youth services too.

Terry Ehle
Youth Services Coordinator
Lester Public Library
1001 Adams St.
Two Rivers, WI  54241

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