Thursday, May 15, 2014

Story Time or Storytime?

I Say "Po-Tay-Toe" 
You say "Pah-Tah-Toe"

Just do a google search of "storytime" and you're going to get both variations. 

Story Time vs Storytime
One word? or Two? 

Is there a correct one? Does it matter? Are you consistent? or do you use both?
I'd love to hear your opinions. Which one do you use? 


Polly said...

I personally use story time, and so did my last library, but my current one uses storytime. And yes, we are consistant!

MSS said...

I used to consistently use storytime, but my newest system created Story Time Kits. It drives me crazy.

Becky Arenivar said...

I use storytime and it really bugs me when the red underline shows that my computer (or software program or website) thinks it's a misspelling. And, yes, it happened in this comment box, too!

ashley b. said...

Storytime all the way! It's a noun all of its' own in my grammar book.

Anonymous said...