Monday, May 19, 2014

Stepping Out of the Box

My blog feed is full of non-library blogs. Not to worry - I still have plenty of library and youth-library related favorites. I just find that when I get outside the box of librarianship, I can often find content that directly helps my practice and my thinking.

One such blog is No Time for Flashcards: Early Education and Creative Play. Primarily written by Allison McDonald, this blog has a ton of early literacy ideas that support the ECRR five practices (sing, talk, read, write, play). Her most recent post shares a truly simple idea on how to make scissors and kids a successful pairing!

Ask a Manager is a great blog to look through the lens of in working out how to deal not just with co-workers but with volunteers, unruly patrons and difficult municipal funders!

Do you have favorite blogs that help you do your library work better?

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Katie K said...

I love E is for Explore. A lot of it is more classroom/homework-oriented but there are a few gems that have been a great help in planning STEAM programs.

Preschool Daze is also one of my favorites. Kristin blogs about her preschool, and I appreciate her philosophy on working with children (and her really fun group art collages!)

I also really love the Artful Parent. She art projects are really innovative and they focus more on the process instead of the product when it comes to making art with children.