Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet Your YSS Board! Terry Ehle

Terry Ehle is the Youth Services Coordinator at the Lester Public Library in Two Rivers.  She was recently named WLA's Paralibrarian of the Year (yay!).

What made you decide to say yes to the YSS Board?
My director had been encouraging us to be more involved in the library world, not just in our corner of it, and when I found out what a great group of people were on the board, how could I resist?

What book character would you be most excited to have over for dinner? 
What would you serve them/what would you do?
I would love to have Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie over for a sleepover with popcorn, ice cream and pizza.  I can just imagine all of us sitting under a blanket tent telling stories and giggling over silly jokes in our feathered boas and bunny slippers.  They just seem like a great duo to hang with.

What is one of your greatest challenges as a librarian?
Convincing teachers that book talking is extremely effective and that they are not being a bother when they request a visit.  I think many teachers feel they are asking a “favor” and it can be hard to assure them they should call more often because I love it!

What makes you most excited to come to work?
The challenge, the variety and the chance to make a real difference in my community and in the lives of the children and families I serve.  I know that sounds corny but its true – librarians have such a great opportunity to change how people see the world.

What’s a program or service you’ve developed that you are most proud of?
Recently I have helped form a literacy task group for Manitowoc County. 
Our first major accomplishment has been securing the funding to bring Reach Out and Read to our county.  With the help of the group members we have written and received an LSTA grant and a United Way Community Impact Grant.

What is something unrelated to work that you like to do?
My family (consisting of my husband and 3 daughters) love to travel and are currently on a mission to see all 50 state capitals.  We just hit #18 this spring in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Any other tidbits to share?
Be bold! Try something just because you want to and don’t be afraid of failure.  Even the best librarians have spent hours planning programs that no one comes to. <sigh>  Don’t allow 1 or 2 nay-sayers to dictate your direction.

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