Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Seuss-tastic Reading Challenge for March

Brought to you by Terry Ehle at Lester Public Library

Passive programs are the best, especially programs that encourage patrons to read. A few years back I saw an idea for a Dr. Seuss reading challenge (I’m sorry I can’t remember where I found the idea.) that we adapted for my library.

This is how the program worked. Any patron 18 years and younger could participate. All participants received a bingo-like sheet with silly Seuss inspired reading activities. Read out loud, Read upside down, Read under a table, Read to someone small, etc. When a participant had 5 in a row in any direction, they could bring their sheet back to the library and receive a free book. Complete all of the activities and pick 2 books.

I do buy books to give away but I also receive donations of gently used books throughout the year that I keep to use as prizes. Honestly I think patrons would participate for a sticker. Attached is my reading sheet, if you would like to have the publisher file so that you can personalize it, shoot me an email: tehle@lesterlibrary.org I am happy to share!


GrandmaGippy said...

I'm adapting your ideas for our local parochial school 1st & 2nd grade and the 3rd & 4th grade class visits at the end of this week. They can choose short picture or reader book and read any of the following ways: standing up, lying down, under a table, wearing a hat or to a stuffed animal. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.

Vesper Lynd said...