Friday, September 18, 2015

Meet the Candidate for Secretary - 2016 YSS Board

Julie Kinney
Young Adult Librarian, Marathon County Public Library, Wausau

What’s your current position?
I'm currently the Young Adult Librarian at Marathon County Public Library.  I do mostly programming, work the reference desk for both our children's department and our adult department and provide input to our collection specialists. 

What makes you want to serve on the YSS board?
I'm excited to interact and network with other teen/young adult and children's librarians. 

Favorite book (currently and/or for all time)?
Oh dear, the dreaded favorite book question!  I feel like it changes from week to week, depending upon what I'm reading!  I do reread Dune every couple of years, so maybe that's it.

What has been your most memorable library moment so far?
My most memorable library moment so far has been helping a patron who had a photograph of a poster that she took in a bookstore in the Netherlands.  She didn't get the name of the book and wanted it.  I was able to scan the photo in, do a google image search and find the book's title for her.

Tell us about a great experience you’ve had at WLA.
Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of chances to go to WLA.  I was at the Pre-conference last year and was able to meet a lot of wonderful people and get some great ideas for programs.

What is your librarian superpower?
My librarian superpower, huh?   Does reading count as a superpower?  I'm able to make book recommendations with frightening speed because of it and I have a photographic memory for authors and titles (most of the time...). 

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