Monday, April 4, 2016

Alternate Sources for Women's History Month

So did you know who actually discovered DNA? Not the 3 men who received credit but a woman named Rosalind Franklin who died 4 years before the prize was awarded and therefore could not fight for recognition. How about Margret Hamilton the woman who coined the term software engineering and was the lead software designer on the Apollo 11 missions. And last but not least Alice Ball (An African American Chemistry professor in Hawaii who pioneered early Leprosy treatments) and Annie Jean Easley (a Rocket Scientist who worked on the Centaur rocket program) - These women and many are featured on the site Rejected Princesses. As the tag line states it focuses on "women who are too awesome, awful or offbeat for kids movies" so not everybody here is a heroine or an intellectual. The site will, however, give you a fascinating, well-documented glimpse into international women's history.

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