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YSS Board Meeting Minutes from March 10, 2016

Here are the minutes from the most recent YSS Board meeting.  This is what is happening behind the scenes when your board gets together. Also, you're invited to the Youth Services Section (YSS) Membership Meeting/Meet and Greet at WAPL 2016 on Thursday, May 12 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm to learn about what the Youth Services Section is up to, meet fellow members and board members, and share your ideas of things you'd like to see us do! Prospective and new members welcome, too.

YSS Meeting Agenda
March 10, 2016 12:30 

YSS advocates for professional empowerment, collaboration, and innovative, inclusive, and intentional service.
Members present: Kelsey, Katherine, Leah, Marge, Emily, Ashley, Ashley, Terry, Julie
Approve Agenda
Leah asked for a motion to approve. Katherine motioned, Terry second. Agenda was approved.

Old Business:
YSS Powerhouse Presents report
·         Kelsey and Katherine will be giving a webinar on changing children’s collections April 1st (IFLS is sponsoring)
·         On May 9 from 10-11 am, NWLS is hosting Transitions and Transformations with Sharon Grover, Dawn Wacek and Sue Abrahamson."
·         Then there are two more in fall. One is set the other Ashley T-M will be working on setting up.
·         Other general discussion about YSS Powerhouse Presents webinars
Early Literacy Calendar report
·         Five people have committed to contribute to the Early Literacy Calendar. 
·         There will be a blog post follow up to request more contributors. Tips are due May 15.
·         There will be a direct email sent to SOIS and SLIS about having students join YSS. 
Task lists, job descriptions and plans
·         Leah, Ashley, Terry and Marge will meet to go over these documents and revise as necessary. 
·         The Board will discuss and final drafts will be uploaded to the Dropbox.
WLA Conference Committee report/update
·         Marge will be the contact point for all program proposals. All proposals will be submitted by the Unit Reps.  There will be a Google Form for this.
·         We are considering ways to promote the books by the author coming to the YSS Luncheon (Bill Konigsburg) and to promote the winners of the Burr/Worzolla Children’s Book Award, with some virtual stuff before the conference and/or in-person discussions at the conference.
WLA Pre-Conference Committee report/update
·         Terry, Tessa and Kelsey are working on an outline for the preconference.
·         They are thinking of using a “TED” talk format for the presentations, followed by discussion and a take away activity.
·         82 librarians responded to the survey and the top three most requested topics included programming, embedded librarians and partnerships.
·         Similar to the Teen Pre Conference, there would be a passive program display during the snack break.  The CCBC will also have a display for school aged children. 
·         The price has not currently been set for the preconference.  WLA recommended the 100% increase for nonmembers. So if the cost is $20 for members it would be $40 for nonmembers. 
WLA Board Rep discussion
·         Leah mentioned that there have been a few things related to the system redesign process that have made her concerned that youth services issues still have the potential to be forgotten and we need to consider this when thinking about changing the way the WLA board representation is handled.
·         General discussion regarding possible board representative nominees was held.
·         Marge reminded everyone that she is planning on completing her term as board rep and that this subject doesn’t need to be decided immediately; we have three years to think it over and decide if and how we wanted to change the way the Board Rep position works.
·         There was some general discussion regarding the position and how it might be changed and who the stakeholders are.  Marge suggested that this be a discussion at a board retreat.
·         This discussion was tabled until the next meeting. This will be an ongoing topic of discussion, but may not be discussed at every monthly meeting.
·         Discussion was added to the September agenda.

New Business:
WAPL Welcome Wagon/Membership Committee
·         Dawn Wacek (current WAPL Chair) suggested that this be done to welcome new librarians and help them get a foothold and to recruit new members.
·         Discussion was held and it was emphasized that we are just at the beginning and will be taking small steps to make this happen.
Ashley B. moved to adjourn and Kelsey seconded.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 PM.   

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