Friday, June 17, 2016

Hey, You SLP Champs!!

You are in the teeth of the SLP adventure! Keep up the great work!  "Is it all worth it," you might wonder.

Check out this research news from the State Library of Virginia on results of their recent study on the efficacy of summer reading programs for part of that answer:

Every summer, public libraries in every state offer a reading program. Anecdotal information shows that parents, children and teens love their summer reading program.  Staff at the Library of Virginia wanted to explore further the impact that library summer reading programs have on supporting summer learning and preventing summer reading loss. Partnering with the Virginia Department of Education, using a system that tracks what children are reading in the summer, and working with the expertise of an international research company, McREL, we conducted a study on the impact of the summer reading program in Virginia.

The conclusion of the study are:
Children and teens who attend the summer reading program offered by Virginia's public libraries perform better academically and experience greater gains in their academic performance than their nonparticipating peers. Summer library reading programs may serve as an alternative avenue to close the achievement gaps between minority groups and nonminority peers.

Participation in summer reading programs has a positive effect on student achievement outcomes by preventing learning loss even two years after participation.

An infographic of the study may be found at

More information may be found at

Source: Enid Costley, Children's and Youth Services Consultant Library of Virginia, 800 East Broad   Street, Richmond, VA 23219  804.692.3765

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