Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Thinking About School-Agers

With SLP launched/launching around the country, youth librarians are turning a keen eye on literacy and learning support for school age kids about to blow out into summer vacation. While we continue to serve the needs of preschoolers at this time, most libraries put extra effort into supporting the big bump of schoolagers.

Just in from PLA, Toronto Public Library shared their Middle Childhood Framework report focusing on their plans to serve 6-12 year olds at their library. As I read through this fascinating document, I was reminded of the care with which the youth library profession researched, wrote and embraced "Every Child Ready to Read."  ECRR has transformed storytimes and service to preschoolers.

Who knows, this report may be the leading edge of looking at school age services in the same deeper, more fully researched and enriched way.

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