Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More Pokemon!!!11!!

No Tech Pokemon Go
Last week, Aimee gave the lowdown on Pokemon Go and offered tips for libraries.  At my Library we have already used some of the simple passive program ideas from the ALSC article to great success.  Another popular passive Pokemon program was our I SPY aquarium.  For my tween half lock-in on Friday, I'm going to adapt a Pokemon Scavenger Hunt from the blog Karissa in the Library.

I have never hosted a Pokemon special event, but I'm now planning one for this November.  Nintendo is releasing two new 3DS games, Pokémon Sun and Moon, on November 18th.  I'm not worried that November is too late or it's overkill because Pokemon has been popular for ages at my Library.

Pinterest has thousands of ideas but I want to hear from WI librarians.  What were your most popular Pokemon activities and crafts?

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Dawn said...

Brooke set up a great scavenger hunt here with pokemon stickers for prizes and it has been HUGELY popular. Kids also really liked the Pikachu bracelets they could make at our kidslab.