Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pokemon Go and The Library

So what is Pokemon Go?
Pokemon Go is a free app that has players walking around their communities to find Pokemon in the real world.  The game enables Augmented Reality which means the Pokemon can appear in “real life”.  The more Pokemon you catch, the more you can level up and earn experience points all of which can help you battle for gym domination.

Why should libraries care about Pokemon Go?
Pokemon Go is a great social game and getting people out and moving!  In order to find Pokemon, you have to walk around and visit various places in your community.  You also need to stock up on supplies, which you can do at Pokestops, which many libraries are.  Some libraries are even lucky enough to be a gym, which means even more people coming through your doors as these are places everyone is after!  This is where you can battle Pokemon and gain more points.  Libraries are already doing some great publicity and capitalizing on the games success.

Check out more about Pokemon Go HERE and more about how it can be impactful at your library HERE.

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