Friday, July 15, 2016

Redialand in SLJ

“Readialand.” is an environment in which interactive technology is harnessed to improve children’s access to learning opportunities and potentially reduce gaps in literacy skills between children from lower- and higher-income families.
The quiz below may help families better assess their media usage.  Link to SLJ to read more about how other libraries are addressing building digital technology skills.  

Do you leave the screen on when no one’s watching? If the answer is yes, it’s time to reflect on the media environment your children or students are experiencing and what you can do to improve it. Take this quiz from the Tap, Click, Read site to find out how you can become more mindful in using digital technology with young children.
Is your child watching media or playing games that are violent, scary, or troubling to him/her? -2
Are the characters modeling positive social skills? +1
Are the media designed to promote conversation or help build language skills? +1
Do media stimulate off-screen comments or questions? Off-screen play? Creation, imagination, exploration? +2
Do media feature some of the same traits you are looking for in a teacher or classroom? +1
Your “Content” score ______
Are you leaving the screen or TV on even when no one’s watching? -2
Are media replacing calming routines that could help during bedtime? -1
Do you have moments in which you are jointly watching or playing with your child? +2
After your child watches or plays, are there chances to talk about what was seen or played? +1
Are screen media used during meal times in a way that impedes conversation? -1
Do you talk to your child about your use of TV, video, tablets, or e-readers and what you find valuable about them? +1
Do you tune out and miss cues from your child when using your devices or screen media? -2
Your “Context” score ______
Do you see particular media experiences assisting your child as he/she progresses in motor skills, social skills, or language development? +1
Have you started to differentiate between media experiences that are not helping your child’s development and those that are? +1
If you find that your child gets upset when watching certain types of content, do you watch with him/her or find ways to avoid that media? +1
Are you paying attention or asking enough questions to tell whether your child is engaged by what is on screen? Does he or she act on or talk about what he or she sees or plays with? +1
Your “Your Child” score ______
Check out a wealth of tips and insight on other topics, from using media to support children’s home language to identifying high-quality apps, on the Tap, Click, Read site. This material is also available from First Book Marketplace, a site offering discounts on books and educational materials for schools and programs serving children from low-income families.

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