Saturday, July 23, 2016

Simple Pokémon Programs

Pokémon Go is still trending. Here are program ideas shared by YSS members from the Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System:

From Hannah Kane, West Bend Community Memorial Library

We're a gym here in West Bend! While working on some passive programming, I put up a sign at a popular nearby Pokéstop listing some of the amenities the library offers that might be useful to players.

I also plugged those services on the West Bend Pokémon GO Facebook group. Word on the street is eventually we'll be able to host meetups and stuff for players to battle and trade Pokémon, but in the meantime I think we're stuck with displays and passive programming.

The biggest hotspot in WB is Regner Park (15-20 minute walk from the library), so I might look into having a group meet at the library and walk to the park to check in at the Pokéstops, visit the gyms, and generally hunt for a bigger variety of Pokémon.

If I can find the supplies in our basement, I'd like to have clear containers where people can "vote" for their team to see if we have more red, blue, or yellow around (last I checked, yellow controls our gym). 

From Cary Perzan, Jack Russell Memorial Library, Hartford, WI

Hartford is a gym (which I am currently co-owning with some other awesome Team Red folks )and I did a Pokémon craft earlier this summer before I knew what a thing Go would turn out to be.

photo submitted
The craft is super simple - you just need the flimsiest paper plates (we used the small size, but any size would work).  Use two plates per project.  One you cut in half, the other one is the back of the POKÉBALL!! Punch holes in all the pieces, and then use brad to allow the ball to "open"  Then I had the kids pick a Pokémon to capture and has a picture (see attached for all) so they could color their Pokéball of choice.
Now many of the Pokémon on the sheets, which I just found online aren't in Go (yet) since it's only GEN1 Pokémon so far, but I'm sure finding compatible pictures wouldn't be that hard. 

Also design your own card. Just because.

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