Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Celebrate Authors Storytime Series: Jan Thomas

At my library, we have a theme for storytime.  We also noticed that we have better attendance at the monthly evening storytimes when we do something different than the daytime ones.  One month might be a puppet show with our big puppet stage.  Then another month the high school drama club will do a reader's theater skit for us.

This fall we are focusing on authors.  September focuses on one of my new favorites - Jan Thomas.  We are going to do a puppet show for Rhyming Dust BunniesNatasha the Artsy Librarian has a great make your own dust bunnies if you not able to find the dusters from the Dollar Store.

Jan Thomas' website if filled with goodies.  We do a simple craft and sometimes an activity after the storytime.  This month we are doing both: rhyming activity with the dust bunnies and make your own fat cat puppets.  The rhyming activity is also great  for in-library use.  We printed off words that rhyme and the kids have to match them.

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Amanda said...

Jan Thomas is a storytime winner every time. Any time you read her books, you always get a good reaction. I've been using the books for years with great success.