Monday, October 31, 2016

WLA Program Wrap - ABCs of Leadership & Family Engagement

We were so pleased to host Amy Koester, a very active youth services leader as one of our speakers at the WLA conference. Amy, who works in Illinois and blogs at the Show Me Librarian, presented two sessions. Here are her slide decks:

Family Matters: Supporting Families to Learn Connect and Grow
Families with children are in the library every day, taking advantage of our collections and programs aimed at youth. But how do we support families as a unit, as well as the caregivers who support them? This session will explore strategies for tapping local resources and harnessing staff expertise, allowing libraries to offer parent engagement opportunities that empower caregivers and family-focused programming that builds social connections and community

ABCs of Leading From Anywhere
You’ve probably heard the leadership mantra that you can “lead from anywhere”; but what does that really mean? What does “leading from anywhere” look like in a library setting, particularly in youth services? Session participants will learn strategies for serving as a leader from their current position in their organization. We’ll cover the basics, including unpacking the difference between leading and management, how to survive change, and leadership as a career trajectory.

For more slide decks of WLA youth programs, please click below:
WLA Program Wraps 2
WLA Program Wraps 3

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