Monday, November 7, 2016

WLA Program Wraps - Writers and Books and Dreams

Summer learning power, writers, book committee members sharing experiences, and practical advice on running amazing programs were all on tap at the conference. Below are descriptions and the slide decks of the presenters for some of our YSS-sponsored programs at our state library conference. Enjoy!

Duking it Out: Summer Reading vs. Summer Library Programs
Discover how to create even more effective engagement with kids and families through transforming your approach to a traditional library staple: SRPs. A school media specialist and front-line librarian will explore how to go beyond counting reading to engage your community in activities that create a literacy rich exploration experience. This session is perfect for directors and staff considering the possibility of enriching and enhancing kids summer experience with the library.

Librarian Dreaming: Serving on a Book Award Committee (2 separate slide decks)
Ever wonder what it's like to serve on a youth book award committee? This panel will feature Wisconsin librarians currently serving on state and national youth book award committees who will share their experiences and offer information on how to be selected for an award committee, how to prepare for serving, and what the process is like. and A to follow.

Power of the Teen Voice
Wisconsin authors Melissa Gorzelanczyk (ARROWS) and Liza Wiemer (HELLO?) will share how YA novels provide an outlet to explore topics such as diversity, family dynamics, relationships, sexuality, coping with loss, and grief, both through fantasy and contemporary fiction. The authors will give librarians specific tools to help readers discover new books based on key words and interests.

Library as Youth Art Gallery
Celebrating libraries as a place to make and be inspired, librarians around WI are providing space for youth art exhibits year round, as well as in March during Youth Art Month. Join panelists who currently host these galleries to find out what a gallery or exhibit entails - from making connections with art teachers, to coordinating space and publicity, tapping into local talent, bringing in homeschoolers, and coordinating programming to complement these galleries

Workshop to Writers: How to Grow a Teen Tween Writing Group
Learn how to encourage the next generation of great writers in your own community. Through an initial Teen/Tween Writing Workshop led by a local author, The Columbus Public Library has created an active monthly writing group where teens and tweens share their stories and encouragement while improving their creative writing skills.

For more program slidedecks:
WLA Program Wraps 1
WLA Program Wraps 3

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