Friday, January 6, 2017

Conference About Libraries and Literacy

Registration is now open for the Conference About Libraries and Literacy (C.A.L.L.)!

What: C.A.L.L: Conference About Libraries and Literacy
Where: University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Murphy Library
When: 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., February 9, 2017
Cost: $45 registration fee
Registration: Please register online at or call UWL Continuing Education at 608.785.6502
Graduate Credit Option: 1 credit for 15 hours (includes conference attendance)

It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to the first Conference About Libraries & Literacy (C.A.L.L.). The conference is a collaboration between UW-La Crosse Murphy Library, the School District of La Crosse, the La Crosse Public Library, and Western Tech Community College, and will take place at Murphy Library on the UW-La Crosse campus on Thursday, February 9, 2017. Librarians from all types of libraries (school, public, academic, special, etc.) are welcome to attend.

In our age of globalization, today’s youth will become the interconnected and interdependent community citizens of tomorrow. From kindergarten to college, these youth have the opportunity to benefit from school, public, academic, and special libraries. How can these diverse types of libraries work together to support, engage, and contribute to the overall literacy of these future leaders? How are libraries of different types connecting in this quest, and are these opportunities available to you as a librarian or educator in your community?

Attendees can expect to network and discover new ways to collaborate with like-minded people from different types of libraries. The theme “If Only They Knew” refers to the idea that each library has things to share that could help other libraries be more successful as they strive to advance literacy in kindergarten through college-age patrons. What better way to start the conversation than to bring everyone together for a day of connecting and sharing the things that could help libraries of different types be successful, “if only they knew” about those things.

Registration information and the conference schedule can be found on the conference blog and continuing education credit is available. The cost of the conference is $45 per attendee which includes lunch.

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