Sunday, January 15, 2017

Demystifing Youth Services Counts and Definitions on the Annual Report

That time of year has arrived. Yes, it's annual report time! As you compile Youth Services statistics for the report, there are two documents that will help clarify and demystify what you want to report posted on the WI Department of Public Instruction website.

The first document is Definitions and Examples which covers information about YS-related data included in the annual report.

The second document A Closer Look at Literacy Offerings does a terrific job explaining and illustrating just what comprises a literacy offering and how to count it and associated programs. It will make your job easier.

Major kudos to the folks on the Public Library Development Team and Tessa Michaelson-Schmidt, our Youth and Inclusive Services Consultant at the WI Department of Public Instruction, for their work on taking the mystery out of how to define and count the important work we do in Youth Services throughout the state.

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