Monday, February 13, 2017

Early Math Educators Summit

Early Math Educators Summit: Developing Our Eyes and Ears for Mathematical Thinking in the Early Years
Presented by Mary Hynes-Berry and Laura Grandau, Erikson Institute in collaboration with the DPI Early Learning Advisory Group. 

This interactive session demonstrates the importance of seeing, hearing, and identifying math all around us.   Together we explore opportunities to do math, as adults ourselves, and with the children in our classrooms.  This session will support teachers' increasing attention to math in the early childhood curriculum, while highlighting components of developmentally appropriate practice.  Afternoon breakout sessions will further focus on mathematical ideas for birth-3 and PK-1 from both the national and Wisconsin perspectives.  Participants will also receive a book on the big ideas in early math that is published through the Erikson Institute. 

The registration link to the Pre-Conference EC Math event on May 3rd is live:
Under "Grade Band" you can choose elementary (it doesn't really matter which one you click) but under "Strand" you can choose Early Education.

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