Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Be Inspired: Global Minds!

Teen Vogue profiled high school student Peyton Klein who saw a problem and did something.  She noticed a follow student struggling in class. Peyton reached out to the student. She discovered that Khawla was a Syrian refugee who had missed four years of school because of war. Now Khawla was in a new country and culture starting over. From this, Peyton created the program Global Minds. Native English speakers and English as second language students get together weekly to talk about a variety of issues and to practice English. The students who might not have talked to each other are now becoming friends.

I am inspired by both Peyton and Khawla stories. I'm not sure what to do with the inspiration - create a program or set up a book display.  But their stories remind me that a welcoming face and space is key.  At my public library, we are striving to be that place in our community.

But, books are our business. They can open minds and build bridges. Here is inspiration for displays from School Library Journal featuring books that "inspire a just, inclusive society". Also, kindness suggestion bulletin boards are a simple way to get out a positive message.

Please add more suggestions or what you've done from small to large in the comments!

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