Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Upplugged Gaming

Teens love technology but they are interested in what old timers used to do for fun before iPads and YouTube. Emma Carbone at Teen Services Underground writes about those games that don't need electricity or a server (ugh) in the post "Gaming Unplugged: Board Games, Card Games, and Party Games to use in Teen Programs".

I loved the board game Clue as a kid. Lots of kids today don't know the game. (The horror!) We have a copy at my library. I showed some 5th graders how to play and they loved it! Now they want to play it during our after-school board games and LEGO club.

Pro-tip I learned at a workshop but don't remember who said it: You can make life-size Jenga by using long 12-pack soda cardboard containers.

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